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This year we intend to launch a basic income pilot project in Switzerland! Together with you, we plan to develop a citizens' basic income model, which everyone living in Switzerland can become a part of on a voluntary basis. We are committed to a bottom-up approach so we can implement a model which meets all of our needs. For this reason we are undertaking a big community survey throughout the next months. Your opinion is required!

What's this all about?

Exactly a year ago we started crowdfunding to grant lucky individuals a basic income through a raffle. In a next step we want to find out how universal basic income can be brought to an even wider range of people. At the moment we are 5 people working on this day and night.  


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The current donations to the Basic Income Pot are being saved and will remain communal.

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As soon as 30'000 CHF are collected, a raffle takes place.

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